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UIC Executive Board & 90th General Assembly.

July 10, 2017 İstanbul Hilton

İstanbul'da düzenlenecek toplantının görsel tasarım çalışmalarıda başladık.

Paris, 5 May 2017

Dear Presidents and CEOs, Dear UIC Members,


We are extremely pleased to remind you that you are cordially invited to attend the 90th General Assembly of our global railway association UIC due to take place on 10 July 2017 in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, at the kind invitation of Turkish State Railways TCDD and their President Mr. Isa Apaydin, UIC Vice Chairman.


This 90th General Assembly prepared in an excellent spirit of cooperation with all our teams, will undoubtly mark a new milestone in the development of UIC as the global profession association of railways. It will offer a constructive framework for defining orientations and taking decisions on a number of projects that are all aiming to make railways a successful mode of transport facing the main challenges of the 21st Century, in line with the UIC’s core values of Unity, Solidarity and Universality


The UIC General Assembly in Istanbul will give an opportunity to record progress reached on a number of crucial issues for the railways’ future, such as sustainability of rail transport, standardization and harmonization of procedures for the global rail transportation system (taking into account the new perspectives opened-up by digitalization), development of long distance rail freight freight corridors, security and safety, education and training,…


Turkish State Railways took all organization measures to ensure under optimal conditions the success of this first General Assembly ever held in Istanbul, the global city at the Bosphorus at the crossroads of Europe, Central Asia, le Middle-East and Far-East Asia, and a starting point for famous international trade routes, first of all the “New Rail Silk Roads”.


Actually Turkish State Railways and other railways from this UIC region chaired by TCDD are highly committed to the renovation and fast development of their rail networks and the creation of new competitive rail services, demonstrating the full confidence in the rail transport mode to ensure mobility needs of the future. Therefore, we look forward to welcoming all UIC Members in the fascinating world city of Istanbul where everything is being prepared to make the UIC’s 90th General Assembly a marking event of the international railway calendar in 2017, taking care of you in the best and warm hospitality.

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