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39th International Nasreddin Hodja Caricature Competition 2019 – Results

The Jury of 39th International Nasreddin Hoca Caricature Competition comprised of VALENTIN DRUZHININ, JERZY GLUSZEK, ÖZNUR KALENDER, AHMET ÖZTÜRKLEVENT, METİN PEKER, PEDRO SILVA, İBRAHİM TUNCAY and ŞEVKET YALAZ  have met on August 4, 2019 on 10.00 am. The Jury, presided by VALENTIN DRUZHININ has evaluated 1747 artworks drawn by 810 caricaturists from 76 countries. Jury members have chosen 22 finalists on the basis of majority system and with an evaluation process of 6 rounds. Finalists have established by the Jury members on the basis of secret voting system. The points given by the Jury members for the final evaluation have been calculated by the Jury members AHMET ÖZTÜRKLEVENT and JERZY GLUSZEK. The awarded caricatures at the 39th International Nasreddin Hoca Caricature Competition were chosen by such a method. The Official Report of the 39th International Nasreddin Hoca Caricature Competition has been undersigned and registered by the Jury members.



Grand Prize

Galym Boranbayev – Kazakhstan

Honour Prize

Grzegorz Szumowskı – Poland

Honour Prize

Lubomir Mihailov – Bulgaria

Honour Prize

Borislav Stankovic – Serbia

Honour Prize

Toso Borkovic – Serbia

Honour Prize

Kazanevsky Vladimir – Ukraine


Special Prize of The Turhan Selçuk

Mojmir Mihatov – Croatia

Special Prize of The Semih Balcıoğlu

Kambiz Derambakhsh – Iran

Special Prize of The Ferit Öngören

Aristides E.Hernandez Guerrero – Cuba

Special Prize of The Association of Caricaturists

Fares Garabet – Germany

Special Prize of Akşehir Municipality and Nasreddin Hodja

Marco Ramos – U.S.A

Special Prize of the Jury

Nikolay Sviridenko – Uzbekistan

Special Prize of Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Ali Shahali  – U.S.A

Special Prize of The Koç Holding

Mikhail Zlatkovsky – Russia 

Special Prize of The Association of Journalists’ of Turkey

Kürşat Zaman – Turkey

Special Prize of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Sajad Rafeei – Iran

Special Prize of Beşiktaş Municipality

Kokonov Dmitry – Russia

Special Prize of Şişli Municipality

Bobo Pernecky – Slovakia

Special Prize of Kadıköy Municipality

Ronaldo Cunha Dias – Brazil

Special Prize of FOX TV

Silvano Mello – Brazil

Special Prize of Çankaya Municipality

Ömer Çam – Turkey