41st International Nasreddin Hodja Caricature Competition 2021 – Results

The Jury of 41st International Nasreddin Hoca Caricature Competition comprised on 8 November 2021. The Jury, presided by Erdoğan BAŞOL has evaluated 2050 artworks drawn by 690 caricaturists from 63 countries. Jury members have chosen 11 finalists on the basis of majority system and with an evaluation process of 5 rounds. Finalists have established by the Jury members on the basis of secret voting system. The points given by the Jury members for the final evaluation have been calculated by the Jury members Ahmet ÖZTÜRKLEVENT and Kadir DOĞRUER to identify the winners of the awards and thus finalize the 41st International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest.






Grand Prize

Tošo Borković – Serbia



Honour Prize

Oleg Dergachov – France


Honour Prize

Mariagrazia Quaranta GIO – İtaly



Honour Prize

Lubomir Mihailov – Bulgaria


Honour Prize

Olena Tsuranova – Ukraine



Honour Prize

Darko Drljevic – Montenegro





Special Prize of The Association of Caricaturists

Dario Castıllejos Lazcares – Mexico



Special Prize of the Jury

Cau Gomez – Brazil


Special Prize of Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Constantin Ciosu – Romania


Special Prize of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Klaus Pitter – Austria


Special Prize of Akşehir Municipality and Nasreddin Hodja

Steffen Jahsnowski – Herschel – Germany