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42nd International Nasreddin Hodja Caricature Competition 2022 – Results

The Jury, has evaluated 2190 artworks drawn by 585 caricaturists from 62 countries.







Grand Prize

Alessandro Gatto – Italy


Honour Prize

Michel Moro Gomez – Cuba




Honour Prize

Ali Ghanaat – Iran


Honour Prize

Sergey Sichenko – Israel


Honour Prize

Diego Feld (Gofel) – Argentina


Honour Prize

Igor Pashchenko – Russia



Special Prize of The Association of Caricaturists

Jeko Markov – Bulgaria


Special Prize of the Jury

Valerii Momot – Ukraine


Special Prize of the Jury

Darko Drljevic – Montenegro


Special Prize of Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Jairo Kenyo Guerrero Huayanay – Peru


Special Prize of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Nikola Listes – Croatia


Special Prize of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality

Olena Tsuranova – Ukraine


Special Prize of Akşehir Municipality and Nasreddin Hodja

Gabriel Rusu – Romania


Special Prize of The Koç Holding

Daniel Sahade (DAS) – Japan


Special Prize of The Mahsa Amini 

Ahmet Öztürklevent – Turkey


Special Prize of The Association of Journalists’ of Turkey

Marilena Nardi – Italy


Peace Prize

Mojmir Mihatov – Croatia