The IX Molla Nasreddin International Cartoon Contest 2018


1.“Jubilee” (“Molla Nasreddin” Cartoon Contest is 10 years old). 

2. Happy birthday. “Jubilee” (I’m 50 years old).


Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union announces “Molla Nasreddin” – Azerbaijan – 2018” International Cartoon Contest. 


2018 – is the year of the 10th anniversary of the “Molla Nasreddin”- Azerbaijan” International Cartoon Contest. On this occasion the theme of the “Molla Nasreddin” International Cartoon Contest organized in 2018 is “Jubilee”.

The IX International Cartoon Contest is held by the support of Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Azerbaijan Artists’ Union and Federation of Cartoonists Organizations.


The Terms of the Contest:

1. The topic of the Contest:   

    I. “Jubilee” (“Molla Nasreddin” Cartoon Contest is 10 years old).            

    II. Happy birthday. “Jubilee” (I’m 50 years old).


2. You can write and send us your wishes, thoughts, offers and comments beside your cartoon and caricature works. Your        

    comments will be published together with your cartoons in the Album of the Contest.


3. The Contest is held via internet.             


4. The size of cartoon works must be in 300 dpi on jpg. Send them to this email:


5. Each cartoonist can send 2-5 works.


6. Cartoon works will be appreciated by the International Jury.


7. Deadline of the acceptance of works: 10 October 2018.             


8. A catalogue consisting of the best cartoons of the Contest will be published.                                                                                           


   I   Place – gold medal and diploma

   II  Place – silver medal and diploma

   III Place – bronze medal and diploma


Special Award by Jury

   Special Award by Azerbaijan Artists’ Union

   Special Award by Azerbaijan Cartoon Center  


Bayram Hajizadeh

The Organizer of the International Cartoon Contest

“Molla Nasreddin” – Azerbaijan – 2018” and

the President of Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union.



   AZ1009, Baku, Azerbaijan

   Salatin Asgarova street 86 (Shirvanshah),