Türkiye’yi sarsan felakette uluslararası karikatür sanatçıları duygularını paylaşıyorlar.

International cartoonists sharing their feelings about the disaster that shook Turkey.

Ba Bilig – Çin
Arístides E. Hernández Guerrero ”Ares” – Küba
Cemalettin Güzeloğlu – Türkiye
Sender solidarity Turkey and Syria ,about earthquarter my friend Metin Peker greetings from Brazil
Cival Einstein – Brezilya
Ahmet Öztürklevent – Türkiye

Yu Shixin – Çin

Sun XianMei – Çin
Metin, korkunç trajediyi konu alan karikatürüm
Lyubomir Mihaylov – Bulgaristan
Dear Cartoonist Friend,
Very scary…I sympathize with you my dear friends…I hope the earthquakes stop soon and I hope you are well and healthy as well as your loved ones…My deepest solidarity with my Turkish and Syrian friends.
Hule Hanusic – Avusturya

Dear friend Metin, 
Dear friends, colleagues and neighbours,
We are all shocked from the tragedy of your country, our thoughts are with you and we are at your side for anything you may need. 
I am sending you the cartoon I made the day of the earthquake.
Stay strong !
Michael Kountouris – Yunanistan

Dear Metin, 
please accept my most sincere condolences in connection with the terrible earthquake: (We have problems with the bombing, we don’t always have internet and electricity: (Maybe I don’t answer so quickly, sorry. There are a couple of works in this letter for your site. Good luck to you! Mine reverence Best wishes,
Alexander Dubovskyi – Ukrayna

Ali Ghanaat – İran

Thank you for your invitation to share my solidarity with your Turkish compatriots who have been hit by this terrible catastrophe. My wife and I follow the sad news with much sadness. We did not miss to help as much as possible with monetary donations to alleviate this great need.
All the best.
Pol Leurs From – Lüksemburg

Zhang Shao Xi – Çin

Huang Jia- Çin

Mehmet Selçuk – Türkiye

Luka Lagator – Montenegro

Kürşat Zaman – Türkiye

Sun Baoxin – Çin

Dear  Mr.Metin Peker,
The earthquake in Turkey shocked the world and caused serious disasters to the people of Turkey. We express our deep sympathy. I am organizing Chinese cartoonists to create earthquake cartoons. We pray and bless the people in the earthquake-stricken areas! May they rebuild their homes as soon as possible!
Chinese cartoonists create very fast. I have received more than 100 works, selected 60 of them, and sent them to you. You can use these works. Chinese cartoonists are still creating new cartoons in a few days. I will continue to send you the works of Chinese cartoonists.
The friendship between the Chinese people and the people of Türkiye is everlasting!
The Chinese people are with the people of Turkey.
Best regards!
Yours Sincerely

Ercan Baysal – Türkiye

Murteza Albayrak – Türkiye

Jordan Pop Ilieev – Macedonia

Nuhsal Işın – Türkiye

Michal Graczyk – Polonya

My dear friend Metin Peker,

Please accept my cartoon about the earthquake. My sincere condolences to all those affected by this terrible tragedy.
Best regards,
Oleksiy Kustovsky – Ukrayna


Jugoslav Vlahovic – FECO Serbia

Dear sirs, 
I am cartoonist Mo Qasem. 
The news of the earthquake has touched us all deeply and I can imagine the fear and stress.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this challenging period.
I’d like to share my cartoons with you.
Kind regards,

Mo Qasem – İrlanda

Dear cartoonist friends,
I am sending you my work as a sign of solidarity and empathy towards the Turkish people in this extremely difficult moment.
I wish you all the best, and I want to add: never again!
Nikola Ojdanic – Hırvatistan

Dear President Mr. Metin Peker, this is a cartoon I drew for the earthquake. Please check it, pray, and pray that all the gods in the sky will bless the children and parents in the earthquake for their health and family integrity. Dear President Mr. Metin Peker, mankind is a family, and Türkiye’s pain is also our pain. Please keep in touch, your friend Li Kui Jun – Çin

Yang Liangyi – Çin

Lan Bo – Çin


Tsocho Peev – Bulgaristan

Saeed Sadeghi – İran

Hello Metin. In response to your message about sending drawings about the misfortune of the earthquake in Turkey, I am sending you a cartoon for that purpose. I have also replied to you by email. Greetings
Manuel Arriaga – İspanya
Dear friends, cartoonists of Turkey, dear Mr.President Metin Peker, please accept my condolences on the grief that has befallen Your Country. As a sign of solidarity and support to your people, I ask you to accept my two cartoons. I wish you health and strength in the revival of the affected areas of Turkey.
Best regards,
Alexey Mikhaylusev – Rusya

Musa Keklik – Türkiye

Fadi ToOn – Norveç

Mümin Bayram – Türkiye

Dear Friends,

In attachment I am sending you two cartoons about great tragedy in Turkiye and Syria
Best regards from Serbia
Spiro Radulovic  – Sırbistan

Pál Léphaft – Sırbistan
Dear Metin Peker,

My family shares the pain with the families who lost loved ones in this tremendous tragedy, with the hope that the survivors will find the strength to start anew.
Tošo Borković – Sırbistan

I draw this cartoon in condolence of recent disaster. The relationship among builders…
Mahdieh Sabbaghkar – İran

Merhaba sevgili Matin abi , Yaşanan büyük olaya çok üzüldüm ve Türk halkının kalbi titredi zaman banimde kalbim titredi, size ve Türk halkına başsağlığı diliyorum, size iki iş gönderiyorum ve başsağlığı diliyorum.
Farhad Gharamaleki – İran

Slobodan Butir – Hırvatistan

Wilber Chavarría Centeno – Nikaragua

Condolences to the Turkish people,

with respect,
Valery Momot – Ukrayna

Dear Mr Metin Peker,
I am in deep sadness to hear about the earthquake that affected Turkiye and Syria.
I would like to express my solidarity to all the people affected by this horrible catastrophe.
Please, find attached to this mail, a file corresponding to my work for contribution for your website.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other request.
Daniel Sahade (DAS) – Japonya

Michel Moro Gomez – Küba

Ehsan Ganji – İran

Boris Erenburg – İsrail

Dear Colleague Metin,

Accept my deep condolences. Attached please find my cartoon.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me whenever you need cartoon for any theme, any charity, exhibition, contest, ….etc.
Kind regards,
David Hafez – Belçika

My deepest condolences to all residents of Turkiye.You aren’t in pain alone.It’s really broke our hearts too.
May God refund this country especially those who lost their loved ones. I put you in my prayers.
Big love from Indonesia. 
Anon Anindito – Endonezya

Dear Metin Peker,
Here I send you my work dedicated to the victims of the terrible earthquake in your great country Turkiye.
It is also dedicated to all people and rescuers, who are helping in the search and rescue of living people, they are all important.
Heartfelt condolences from my family and myself.
From Havana.
Reynerio Tamayo – Küba
Dear Metin,
I send my drawings. Please accept my condolences on this tragedy. Unfortunately, we started to live in a very troubled world…

Konstantin Kazanchev – Ukrayna

My condolences to the Turkish people and to the victims of the earthquakes. Let us pray for salvation.

Best regards,
Maya Tcholakova – Bulgaristan


Dear friend,
I am deeply saddened by what happened in your country and I send you all my sympathy for the Turkish people and especially for those directly affected.
Please accept from me this small symbol of friendship that I hope will open the hearts of viewers from all over the world and understand the true tragedy of the Turkish people and the extent of the disaster that this country is going through at this moment.
But “life goes on” and I hope with all my heart that you will be strong and overcome this misfortune.
I wish you health and all the best!

Warm greetings from Romania!
Gelu Pascal – Romanya


Hi , dear Metin!
I am SO SORRY with this great tragedy of people  in Turkey and Syria!
Stay brave!
I send you my cartoon on the topic.

Many BEST wishes!
Ivailo Tsvetkov – Bulgaristan