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Serdar Kıcıklar

Serdar Kıcıklar

Serdar Kıcıklar was born in istanbul,in 1963. He has entered in to the art life with caricature (1978). His caricatures were exhibited at gırgır, çarşaf, karakedi, mikrop, fırça magazines and tercüman and bulvar newspapers. he brought out his first caricature book(1986). he graduated from marmara university

fine artas class(1986-1990). that a national television channel has worked as art director and designer decor.(1992-2003). and he still has been working as a lecturer in photography and chart class at beykent university.(2006-2015)


Awards, Publications and Exhibitions:

cartoon album (1986). garnish.

cartoon posters and postcards. (1990)

The first personal Art Exhibition (May-1990). Sultanahmet. TC İstanbul Province Special Administration Directorate of the Basilica cd. Directorate of Social Affairs. Art Gallery

Second Solo Exhibition. AKBANK Kuzguncuk Art Gallery. (OCT-1992). 

International Cartoon Festival in Saitama (1993, Japan) was published in The Best Cartoon caricature of Nippon Album

The first personal exhibition in Tatilya. (MAY 2003-ISTANBUL)İKATÜR-SERGİSİ 

Serdar Kıcıklar second personal cartoon Exhibition (APR-2005 Zonguldak.) State Fine Arts Gallery.

University faculty members BEYKENT exhibition (February 2009) LEGENDS FORMER (ELVIS PRESLEY & Baris Manco) 

21. Daejeon the best cartoon International Cartoon Competition Award (2012) 

5th MEDPLAN THE CARTOON COMPETITION / Sao Paulo received Honorable Mention for cartoon competition. 

UCCEP 2013 – International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection Excellence Award (China)

Subject “Selection” are defined as 19 Nehar Tüblek Cartoon Contest. 2014

· 1 Honorable mention 

UCCEP 2014 – International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection SOCiAL GROUP GOLD – First Prize (1. Ödül ) (China)


Results 10th International Environmental Cartoon Illustration Contest 2015, China Social Group Excellence Award  & Social group Excellence Award

The International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature, The 25nd edition, 2015, Romania (25. Gura Humorului Festivali 2015, Romanya). Certificate.

2016 GİRNE MUNICIPALITY Turkish Cypriot Cartoonists Association
Olive Festival Special Prize – Özel Ödül / Serdar Kıcıklar (Türkiye – Turkey)

22. Nehar Tüblek Cartoon contest/ 2.lik ödülü- 2017…/22-nehar-tublek-karikatur-yari…

The Special Prize of Site – Urziceni 2017…/Whats-New-2017/i-vXQCh6J

11. Urziceni Uluslararası Karikatür E-Yarışması 2017, Romanya / Mükemmellik ödülü



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